United EdenUnited Eden (Eden Trilogy #3) by Nicole Williams

Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: September 16, 2011
Format: Kindle Version
Source: Bought
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
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Life’s been many things for twenty year old Bryn Dawson, but one thing it’s never been is easy. And it’s only about to get harder.

As the gossip of Bryn being Betrothed to Patrick, her true love’s little brother, becomes more reality than rumor, Bryn does her best to think positive thoughts, ignore Patrick’s odd behavior, avoid Paul’s relentless advances, and attempts to conjure William back from his latest overseas mission. She fails on all fronts.

The night an army of Inheritors set out with an agenda to deliver vengeance on any Guardian surrounding Bryn, the Betrothal Ball becomes the least of her worries. Instead of worrying about who she’ll be marching down the aisle towards, she has to accept she might not be making the journey down the aisle ever.

Happily ever after is about to take a serious hiatus and Bryn’s about to discover the only thing waiting for her at the end of that aisle is a grave. (Goodreads)

Guest review by Anne:

This series just keeps getting better, what a fabulous ending to a wonderful series. This book was fantastic – I was laughing out loud, a lot, at the inside family jokes, the love that has pulled this family together, and the drama that would follow any family of immortals.

Things could not be more perfect for William and Bryn – about to attend the Ball where their fairytale marriage is to be arranged. But since nothing for William and Bryn has gone according to the “easy fairytale plan”, why should this? One thing that I absolutely love is that neither will settle for anything less – which is worth fighting for.

The plot of this third and final Eden is gripping and keeps you turning pages. There are no new characters in this final book; however each character that has already been introduced is brought into the story again in a natural and coordinated way. I really appreciate when an author does this because it means that they put a lot of thought into their characters initially while creating the story line.

One thing that I really love about this author, she lets the plot thicken until the breaking point of the climax and then she gives you 3 to 4 more chapters! This just warmed my heart because I was not ready to have the story end. I felt that these last couple chapters were really a gift and a fun time with William and Bryn.

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