Fallen Eden (Eden Trilogy #2) by Nicole Williams

Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: July 20, 2011
Format: Kindle Version
Source: Bought
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
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If happily ever after were a place, twenty-year-old Bryn Dawson would be on the farthest planet from it.

Reduced to stolen glances and secret meetings as they await a Betrothal the Council is bent on stalling, William and Bryn have to settle for happily right now, but with a man like William Hayward at her side, Bryn’s hardly settling.

The day John Townsend sends an army of Immortal mercenaries intent on destroying everyone Bryn loves, she must make the decision generations of star-crossed lovers before her have—live alone or die together. William’s made his decision, Bryn’s the one fate’s waiting on.

But fate will only wait so long until it makes the decision for her. (Goodreads)

Guest review by Anne:

I usually never like the 2nd book in a trilogy series – this one I loved!  It was the perfect mix of the main character, Bryn, becoming herself, going against her heart to do the right thing, and fighting off the evil doers that still want revenge.  There was action, drama, and tears!  This book for me really propelled the story of Bryn and William forward and the plot was a page turner.

At times you wanted to give the main character, Bryn, a piece of your mind or simply a hug.  Emotions run high in this story, as Bryn tries to do what is right and to protect what she values most.  William is also trying to do what he feels is right, leading to some emotional encounters.  I really do love how the author uses these situations as a time for the main characters to build themselves and to mature.

For Bryn, her training has now given her strength and coordination to defend herself against the Inhibitors; Leading to more action and drama as John Townsend refuses to lose.  Patrick has now been placed in charge of training Bryn and her special abilities; however that will prove easier said than done.

The author again has done a fabulous job of creating a twisting and turning plot that keeps your attention at every page.  The events are so nicely snaked together through the story that it has an incredible flow and smooth pace.  I quickly picked up the 3rd book in this series upon completion!

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2 Responses to Review: Fallen Eden by Nicole Williams

  1. Jeannette says:

    I know there are a lot of excellent self-published books, but there are also plenty of not-so-great ones. Any tips on finding ones like Fallen Eden that really shine? I’ll be looking for this series now, so thanks!

  2. Priya says:

    Wow, that’s a great cover. This book sounds fabulous, now I have to get my hands on the first in the series. Great review!
    Priya recently posted..The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas HardyMy Profile

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