If You Were a Dog If You Were a Dog by
Published by on Sept. 30, 2014
Format: Advance Reader Copy
Pages: 40

If you could be any kind of animal, what would you be? Would you be a dog that goes ARRRROOOOOOO? Or maybe you would be a sharp-toothed dinosaur that can CHOMP, STOMP, ROAR! Perhaps you might want to be a hopping frog that goes BOING, BOING, RIBBET! But maybe you would want to be the best kind of animal of all: a child!

With joyful, impressionistic illustrations from Caldecott Medal–winning illustrator Chris Raschka and spare, rhythmic text from author Jamie A. Swenson that invites playful interaction, If You Were a Dog is the perfect read-aloud for your favorite little animal. (Goodreads)

There’s something so enjoyable about reading aloud the mouth-full, tongue-rollicking, breath-knocking rhymes in If You Were a Dog, a picture book by Jamie A. Swenson with illustrations by Chris Raschka. Each page invites imagination of a different animal … a dog, bug, frog, bird … with fun-to-read onomatopoeia that chomps and swooshes across the page. Paired with fantastically bold watercolor illustrations, If You Were a Dog is a bright, eye-catching way for kids to use their imaginations and practice lots of different animal sounds. The pages dedicated to being a dinosaur and a cat are especially colorful. Sometimes I lost the cadence of the rhymes when I was reading this one out loud to my four-month-old, but overall this is a great little picture book that I think will delight kids just starting to stretch their own roars and ribbets.

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