This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Drive Drive by
Published by on October 17, 2017
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Growing up as the daughter of a world famous blues legend, Rainey Memphis Reeves learned everything she needed to know about musicians. They are phony, unfaithful, and never home — even when it matters.

Six years ago, an accident left her shattered, and even now, Rainey can’t trust herself behind the wheel of a car.

But when she meets Jacques Gilchrist, the sweet, soulful, and heart-stoppingly handsome Uber driver, Rainey discovers she can forget her fear when she’s with him.

Until she learns he’s a musician. And worse than that, he’s good. Too good.

Jacques Gilchrist has tried for years to break out of the small-town music scene, but as soon as he meets Rainey, he can’t stop writing songs about her. He’s about to take the world by storm, but if he wants Rainey by his side, Jacques will have to prove he’s nothing like her father.

He’s determined, even if he has to drive her across the country to do it.

I have loved everything I’ve read from Stephanie Fournet, and DRIVE did not disappoint! As usual, Fournet delivered great characters and an immersing, heart-wrenching romance. There’s so much to love, that I decided to make the list below.

Teaser from Drive by Stephanie Fournet

Ten Things I Loved About DRIVE (no particular order):

  1. Characterizations – I quickly connected with Jacques and Rainey
  2. The way Pal would wake up Jacques each morning 😂
  3. Two words: ROAD TRIP. Everything about it – from the snacks to the sweet and perfect hotel room scenes.
  4. The incorporation of music – songs mentioned, records, lyrics, small venues
  5. Floyd’s three words of the day, they added a touch of magic
  6. Getting to know Lafayette more, the town where Fournet’s books take place
  7. The inclusion of Louisiana French/Creole culture
  8. That I’ll never take an Uber again without wondering about the driver’s backstory. I usually talk to Uber drivers, but now I’ll be even more curious!
  9. The general appreciation for family – however they are created
  10. The HEA ending!

DRIVE was a perfect escape read that I highly recommend to any fan of romance. There were a few cheesy lines in the epilogue but by then I loved the characters so much that they just made me smile. As expected, I’m already anxiously waiting for Stephanie Fournet’s next book!

Teaser for DRIVE by Stephanie Fournet

5 Stars

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